Comments from our guests!

"Mr. Ken,  Our family had so much fun at Sharktooth Creek.  Our plan is to come back next year and bring friends with us.  It was a worthwhile trip."  The Hiles Family

The Tuscaloosa News General Forum:  Shark Tooth Creek- if anything is a "wonder" it would have to be that.  If ya'll have never been, it is worth an afternoon.  When we went, the adults enjoyed it more than the kids.

The Tuscaloosa News General Forum:  Shark Tooth Creek is a lot of fun.  My youngest went there for his 1st grade field trip and had a blast.  I was amazed at the shark teeth they find.  They also have a mega playset for kids.  I give it an overall A+ for small kids.

"This is the best field trip in the state.  The parents and teachers enjoyed it as much or more than the kids."  Paige Wood, Parent, Rock Quarry Elementary, Tuscaloosa, AL.

"I had been hearing about Shark Tooth Creek for several years and had suggested it as a field trip to some of teachers in our school district.  Well I got to experience it first hand today.  It was great!!  Our kids have been on field trips every where but none compare to Shark Tooth Creek for pure fun and interaction between each other and their parents and teachers.  I am sending an email to all teachers in our school district recommending Shark Tooth Creek for their next field trip.  Mr. Ken, the owner and guide, knows how to show the kids a great time.  Thank you Mr. Ken and Mrs. Betty for opening your beautiful farm and home to everyone."
Mike Halford, Superintendent,  Lowndes County Schools, Columbus, MS

"We have been on field trips everywhere, but we had more fun at Shark Tooth Creek than anywhere."
Mrs. Watson, Enterprise Elementary, Enterprise, MS

"Awesome," Mrs. Bradford.
"I will bring my 3rd grade every year," Mrs. Woods.
"The grown-ups had as much fun as the kids," Parent.
Clark Prep School, Grove Hill, AL

"We had a fantastic time with our scout troop and I will be bring my family back."
Karen Fowler, Cub Scout Pack 95

"An incredibly unique experience!", Susie Greer
"Events are only as good as their leadership team and Shark Tooth Creek gets an A++."  Julie Adams
"A great place to gather and have an incredible adventure to experience together, young and old." Cindy Ellis
"We had a wonderful time and didn't realize the guide "Mr. Ken" would be so entertaining!" Christy Faulk
"Peaceful and very tranquil", Janice Nix
Brownie Scout Troop 104, Hoover, AL

"My son Grayson will never forget his trip to Shark Tooth Creek."
Mr. Russell, Gadsden, AL

"This is the best kept secret in the state.  I wish it were closer to my home.  I would come every week."
Mike Goodson, Gadsden, AL

"My kids said this was the coolest field trip ever."
Mrs. Holcomb, 1st Grade, Buhl Elementary, Buhl, AL

"On behalf of Pack 216, I wanted to thank you for a truly spectacular event!  Our families had great fun at Shark Tooth Creek.  Your facilities were spacious and more than accommodating, especially for a group our size!  Ken is enthusiastic and genuinely enjoyed entertaining our group.  You made a great trip even better than what we expected from the ride to the Creek to the time we went home.  I would highly recommend any scout group or any other civic group take the time and enjoy the scenic beauty of Shark Tooth Creek and learn a little bit about the wonderful geologic history of the Great State of Alabama.  We will definitely be back!"
Robb Letts, Cub Master, Pack 216, Trussville, AL

"I have been teaching school for twenty years and Shark Tooth Creek is the most awesome field trip I have ever been on.  All of our parents and teachers agree.  The effort "Mr. Ken" puts forth to make this a great trip is fabulous.  Their farm is beautiful -- we will be back."
Mrs. Hardy, 2nd Grade, Rock Quarry Elementary, Tuscaloosa, AL

"Mr. Ken and Mrs. Betty, I wanted to thank you for the best field trip ever.  I hate that I personally didn't get to stay for all they playground fun, but I saw pictures and everything was so neat.  I will refer you for sure.  We are still showing off our shark teeth."
Lisa Osburn, (Mrs. Roye's homeroom mother), Southern Academy Kindergarten