Shark Teeth & Fossils         (All visits by appointment only)

For more than 50 years people from all parts of the country have come to our fa

rm to hunt shark teeth and fossils in famous Shark Tooth Creek.  Young children as well as seasoned fossil hunters are fascinated at finding these little treasures.

According to the Museum of Natural History, seventy million years ago a great deal of the state of Alabama was part of the Gulf of Mexico.  It is believed that the area around Aliceville was once a barrier island, much like present day Dauphin Island, and that the shark teeth washed ashore, eventually to be buried by geological processes.  Today  teeth from 16 different species of sharks can be found in Shark Tooth Creek.

Many people believe these teeth are a result of the "Great Flood" in the Bible and that they are 8,000 to 10,000 years old.  Here at Shark Tooth Creek we do not advocate either theory over the other.

In the past serious groups like Birmingham Paleontology Society,  Montgomery Gem and Rock Society, and other similar groups have made visits to Shark Tooth Creek.  The Museum of Natural History at The University of Alabama brought 4 or 5 field trips per summer to Shark Tooth Creek for about 17 years.  We have hosted school field trips, birthday parties, scout troops, families and church groups at no charge for years.  Several years ago we incorporated Shark Tooth Creek along with canoeing, camping, fishing, swimming and other outdoor activities into a family owned and operated business.

Thanks to many teachers and youth leaders Shark Tooth Creek has become one of the area's most popular destinations for outdoor adventure, and just pure fun.  Many teachers tell us it is the best field trip in the state.  After bringing their class or church group to Shark Tooth Creek many people return with their families.  We don't know of any other place that can offer this unique experience.

Typically when a group comes to Shark Tooth Creek we meet at our pavilion complete with restrooms, showers, cooking facilities and picnic tables.  Then Mr. Ken gathers everyone around and gives the group a short talk explaining why there are shark teeth in this area, 300 miles from the beach!  We then show everyone some examples of the shark teeth and fossils they will be looking for and answer any questions.  At that point everyone gets on board the "Shark Tooth Creek Express" for the short hayride down to the creek. 

After about an hour and a half in the creek, the group is transported back to the pavilion where they clean up a little and have their lunch.  At this point every little bag of shark teeth is weighed, and T-shirts are awarded to the 2 or 3 that have found the most.   Everyone is allowed to pick out their favorite 10 teeth to take home.  We give a 100% guarantee that everyone will find shark teeth.  An average would be around 20-30 each, for some a lot more.